Elaine Davis

The vast array of textures and the endless variety of colours to be found in the natural world are the things that fascinate Elaine whether it is woodland, rock pool or ripples in a river. The way the changing light of the different seasons can completely transform a scene from a gamut of gold and yellows to a profusion of purples and blues. Elaine prefers to paint in oils using a small palette knife as this allows her to manipulate the paint on the canvas pushing and pulling till the desired mark and colour are achieved she finds this gives her work a sense of fluidity. Using the alla prima method works wonderfully on a smaller piece. For larger works she finds she paints in sections completing a single section in one sitting and continue section after section until rather like a jigsaw with the addition of the final piece the painting comes together. Elaine

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is interested in the way in which we humans need to explore every nook and cranny of this planet and leave our mark on the landscape in some way so although she does not do figurative work a lot of her paintings contain a human presence usually in the form of a pathway as a symbol of our elemental curiosity. When Elaine was younger she tried to capture the complete picture painstakingly depicting every nuance in a very analytical manner but as she has aged she has opted for a very different approach that of being unencumbered by actuality allowing the viewer to participate in the images ultimate interpretation.


1990-1992: ONC Art and Design Cardonald College, Glasgow, Scotland